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One of my sons had no interest in going to school when he graduated from high school, which I was not very content about, and, I came around plus explained to them that he would have to find some kind of postminuteary education if he intended to do anything other than pure manual labor for the rest of his days on earth.

That is when he decided to look into the trades, however he was interested in becoming an electrician.

He was also fascinated with Heating plus A/C, however soo, too, he loved building things plus thus had a major interest in carpentry! Finally, he settled on becoming a carpenter. That’s how my child got into the construction industry, which I am now so blissful he chose to do. He worked for a few years with a building plus remodeling supplier, plus as he did, he tried to learn as much as he could along the way.. The same for the other trades that were involved, after several years of earning plus reading, he decided to open his own construction and remodeling company. It was a bit of an alarming transfer for him, as he would not just be handed a paycheck for working. As the owner of the construction plus remodeling supplier, he would be responsible for finding the work, making sure the clients paid, being positive that all was up to code, and then he could pay himself! Even still, it was exciting seeing him open his own small construction plus remodelling supplier. After doing this for a few years now, he has recently told me he wants to become a general company, but good for him! I’m not sure when he will make the transfer to being a general business, but I know he will be fantastic at it.


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