Old HVAC finally gets replaced

Nothing lasts forever.

That is a statement that, while grossly overused, is quite true.

As good as our HVAC unit was, it wasn’t going to be the last HVAC unit we ever had. Of course, I knew this. But, it was also really nice to have the HVAC tech give me a very advanced warning. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such a great heads up but I sure got one. The HVAC tech told me nearly 16 months ago that we would be needing to replace our HVAC in the near future. He told me that he would ballpark within a year or so. Man, he was really close. That advanced warning however gave me an opportunity. I was able to start saving for the eventuality in earnest. That was really nice so I could afford the HVAC replacement without having to finance it. However, it also gave me plenty of time to learn a lot more about today’s HVAC systems. There has been so much technological evolution in the HVAC arena. We haven’t looked at heating & cooling systems in nearly 23 years. So, there was a lot out there to learn and understand. That was made much more easy due to the help of the HVAC contractor. He came to the house and inspected the ductwork and all the rest. While there, he sat down and listened to our HVAC needs in order to help us choose the appropriate HVAC system. This was just such a huge help. Having our HVAC people give us such great warning was so important to this whole process.


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