Crows are too intelligent

I really dislike crows, they are way too intelligent in my opinion.

One morning, I heard a lot of them calling really loudly, and it sounded like it was coming from right outside my home.

I followed the noise, and at least 10 or so crows were in my yard, 8 of which were on my air conditioner. They were eating leftover food scraps. I just had my heating and cooling system updated a month ago, and I did not want it to become messed up from excess bird poo, so I ran at the birds and scared them all off. After I left, they landed right back on my air conditioning, so I threw stones at them to get them to fly off, and that seemed to work, until the next day. Well I guess I made the crows angry, as now whenever I leave my house their calling increases drastically. I guess they also recognized my car, as at one point it was absolutely covered in bird crap. My car was parked right next to 3 other cars, and were they touched? Nope. Some of the birds even had the nerve to divebomb me, and all because I just wanted them off of my air conditioning machine, the number of crows only seemed to increase by the day, and it got to the point where I just started wearing a mask until I was out of the bird’s sight. This seemed to work, and eventually the crows left me and my cooling machine alone.

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