My house is becoming a zoo!

I have recently picked up a new hobby, which is taking care of animals.

I take care of pretty much any animal, including birds, horses, reptiles and cats.

I always wanted to have a house full of pets, as I love animals a lot. What I didn’t realize is how much work so many animals actually take up. Before I had all of my pets, I could spend ¾ the day to myself, and only get only to work my part time job. Life was easy and without responsibility. Now it’s like most of my day is spent taking care of my pets, and I have little time to myself. I love taking care of all of my pets so I don’t really mind, but I miss my freedom. I also have to deal with unexpected issues that come with owning animals, like some of my pets overheating in the summer. I had to upgrade my current HVAC unit to accommodate my pets, because while I could withstand the summer heat, my pets with fur or feathers could not. This also means I have my air conditioning running most of the day, which drastically increases my energy bill. I also now have to get the HVAC system checked all of the time, to ensure that it keeps working efficiently. I even need to keep my heating unit working well in the winter, so it’s like my HVAC machine never gets a break, which I’m sure will break it and then a HVAC tech will have to come out and fix it. I also now go through so many a/c filters, it’s unbelievable. My house has become a zoo, and I am the caretaker.
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