My house has a lot of great features

When I moved into this loft I honestly thought that it was paradise on earth. It was brand new and I had never lived in such a great residence before. The community was great and the local residents were really friendly. There is plenty of outdoor space to garden and relax, and best of all, all of the appliances came brand modern installed in the house. I was absolutely happy to have a new replaced home office, energy-efficient lighting and a super powerful HVAC system. The HVAC business who installed the central heating and A/C method genuinely went above and beyond with the high quality air handling device that they chose. They put in a super energy-efficient forced air furnace and big air conditioner unit. They also installed a smart thermostat and zone controlled heating plus cooling. The only thing that they did not consider was the location of the air return vent for our central HVAC system. For some reason, they situated the air return vent right in the kitchen. This might not seem like an awful idea, until you realize how much cooking all of us do on a weekly basis. The air return vent is always sucking up our burning hot, odory cooking air and dispersing it through the entire central heating and cooling system, but our filtration method can’t remove the odors. Our HVAC device is now working harder to combat the higher indoor air temperature everyday. We’re either going to have to spend our money for the air return vents to be moved somewhere else along the air duct system, or we’re going to have to stop cooking so much fish.



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