Cleaning Supplies Come with the New Cleaning Services

There are a lot of firsts that are taking place in our whole world right now.

After years of fantasy turned to reality, opening our own company is now a reality.

This came together for me at just the right time. No matter what, with all the planning as well as strategy, I forgot about something important. I needed a janitorial service or a cleaning company to take care of our current office. Somehow that slipped our mind as well as I opened the office without a commercial cleaning company to do the janitorial stuff. At first, I decided that I would just take care of floor service as well as other office cleaning without assistance. Once I had a small staff, the people I was with and I shared the duties of the office cleaning. However, I could tell that those who came to work for me didn’t really want to be custodians. I can understand that. Who wants to work hard all day and then essentially supply a maid service? I’m guessing there is no one who would really like it. So, I took all of the office cleaning onto our shoulders. But, this just didn’t feel right either because I was in the office far too long. That’s when I started looking online and asking friends for a commercial cleaning service. I found 1 who did floor stripping as well as waxing along with other janitorial services. I thought the floor cleaning was so much more essential to opening our company than I had thought at first glance. With a cleaning company coming in regularly, I break so much time out of our week. No longer am I crawling out the door at 8pm exhausted to my bones. Plus, the commercial cleaning service provides all of their own cleaning supplies.

Commercial carpet cleaning

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