The bad part about living in rural areas

A good example is my HVAC company

I have always loved living further away from people. I have never liked cities, and it has always confused me as to why some people actually like to live there. Sure it looks pretty at night, but the sounds that come with it are obnoxious. When I was still dating my ex, he was an important lawyer and I lived with him in the city. It was incredibly hard living in the city, all day all I heard was cars honking at each other and impatient people yelling. The walls were paper thin, so I could never get a break. Usually to help drown out the noise, I turned on my noise air conditioning system, and had a few loud box fans on. Worse yet was the construction sounds. After I had finally fallen asleep, I would wake up to construction and drilling noises right outside of my apartment. I hated constantly waking up every 30 minutes to the same ear piercing sound. Even the A/C couldn’t drown that crap out. Now that I live in a rural area, all I hear is the birds, crickets and other animals, which is quieter and much preferred. The only bad thing about living rurally is that you have to travel quite a ways to get places, and finding places to come to you is hard. A good example is my HVAC company. Thankfully the area I live in doesn’t need much cooling, but when I do, finding a HVAC corporation willing to drive all the way to you is difficult. Apart from the heating and cooling issues, living rurally is perfect

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