The weather where I live is great

I love where I am currently living. As someone who was born in a really hot environment, I was used to constant A/C and brutal summers. So when I moved away to go to college, I was amazed at how different this place was, temperature wise. I have been living here a couple years now, and I thought I would’ve had a really bad summer or winter by now, but no, the weather has been great. I’ve always thought that there are three types of areas, ones with blazing summers, ones with icy winters, and ones with both. I didn’t think there was an area with neither. But it seems I have moved into an area that really doesn’t need heating and cooling. As someone who is used to boiling heat, one of the first things I looked into when I first moved here was HVAC companies. I was honestly surprised to see that there are very few locally here, and now I know why. There really isn’t much need for air conditioners and heaters here because the weather is fair. Although my apartment has both A/C and a heating system, I rarely ever turn them on. This not only saves me money, but it almost always feels good year round, which I greatly prefer over having rough summers and winters. Although I was planning on only staying here until I finish college, I am beginning to think of staying here permanently. Just going without the yearly HVAC maintenance in itself is going to save me so much money, and how I won’t have to worry about the weather much anymore.

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