I sold my old car for extra cash

Not that long ago, I purchased a new car.

I wasn’t really sure what to do with my old car, so for a while, I just let my kids use it. Then I started having troubles with my heating and cooling system. It started when the A/C wouldn’t turn on when it was supposed to, to then only turning on at random times of the day. My house started really heating up due to the lack of air conditioning, so I knew something I had to be done. I called a HVAC company, and they sent out a HVAC professional out to see what the problem was. I was hoping for something simple and easy to fix, but considering that my HVAC unit was 16 years old, my hopes weren’t very high. Sure enough, the heating and cooling technician informed me that my HVAC device was just too old to continue on, and that I would have to get a new one. I knew that a completely new HVAC installation would cost somewhere in the thousands, and since I don’t have that money on hand, I knew I would have to sell the old car to make up for it. I didn’t mind much, since I planned on selling it anyway. So I made another HVAC appointment for a few weeks from now, while I searched for someone to buy my old car. I currently have someone interested and coming to see it and give it a test drive today, so hopefully if things go well, I will have a new working HVAC component in no time.

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