I was called out to fix A/C in theatre

Today I did HVAC repair in a theatre, which was interesting, because I am so used to doing houses and other basic repairs like that so this was new.

I immediately sent out to them, because apparently a play was about ready to start, when their heater started acting up.

This wouldn’t be too bad, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was below zero outside. They were close to calling off the play, so I was supposed to fix their heating unit as quickly and efficiently as possible. I didn’t get a very good start, as since the theatre is huge, I actually got lost and had to ask the manager where the HVAC machine was. Thankfully for them, it was just a thermostat glitch. If your thermostat glitches, it won’t tell the heater to kick on, and then the entire place will freeze. I was able to fix their thermostat in under 30 minutes. I stayed for the hour that they were supposed to start, and by the time that they began, it was incredibly warm in there again. I left feeling good about myself, and then after that, it was back to basic home A/C repairs and what not. But my boss told me that I did a good job, so that made my day a bit brighter, apart from making sure that the play was able to continue on. If only most of my HVAC jobs could be as easily a thermostat glitch, my job would be much easier. But I can’t complain, since I am pretty good at what I do.



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