My HVAC company made losses dealing with the local government

My pleas to hold on ended on deaf ears when the HVAC company started suspecting that I swindled them

Most new companies always try to find as much business as possible to stay afloat. Since the devolution system was introduced, council offices have been issuing the most number of tenders and priority given to new and small companies. Luckily I landed one of the tenders to supply schools with new HVAC. The deal was so overwhelming that I had to partner with an established air conditioning business I previously worked for. Once we established the number and types of units required for each school, I made an order from a wholesale cooling and heating provider and in 2 weeks I hired an additional temporary a/c repairman to assist my air conditioning professional handle the workload of air conditioner install so that the schools can have better air quality. My immediate concern was meeting the demand and worry about the furnace/heater repair and air filter later when maintenance and repairs are due. The deal was to meet the demand for 5 schools and send the first invoice. Little did I know what awaits. Payments were to be processed 3 months from the date of supply, technically, I was broke and my partner and supplier were demanding their payments. My pleas to hold on ended on deaf ears when the HVAC company started suspecting that I swindled them. They claimed swindlers like me are common in the heating industry but I was merely trying to make an honest living selling HVAC. I turned out to be the new contractor who cannot make money from his first sale. Hopefully things will turn around for me when I sell more air conditioning systems and later provide homeowner solutions as an incentive.

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