Its about time I set up my own HVAC company

I have been in the air conditioning business for a while now as an employee, and I didn’t want to retire as one. So I quit my job after saving up for an HVAC company for five years. It took me a while to even figure out where to get started. Being a certified air conditioning professional, I had plans to stand out in my way with quality services to take the cooling industry by storm. But first, I had to consult a cooling and heating provider I have known and admired for a decade. He offered to hold my hand and teach me many things that I had not yet perfected, especially air conditioning install. So before officially opening my business, I became his apprentice who performed new HVAC inspection and installation. During my free time, I read more about the air conditioning system in detail. The air filter became one of my focus points because it appeared to be the most ordered and traded part of HVAC equipment. Once I mastered everything, I was sure my equipment would guarantee air quality for all my clients. Days later, after finishing the apprenticeship, I set up my registered business and hired a new contractor to help me cope during the initial stages. I didn’t tell him I am an a/c repairman myself, but I did watch him work closely. He was quite professional and conversant with the systems and, more so, furnace/heater repair. I was glad I started on the right footing, and I planned to provide homeowner solutions eventually. I guess my hard work would eventually pay off.


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