Going step by step with my health and fitness

I tend to get completely overwhelmed when I am faced with big obstacles and challenges.

  • Initially, it feels just impossible for me to be able to muster the energy and effort in order to take on a challenge.

However, if I just go day by day or sometime hour by hour, I find that I can do just about anything. This is also have I have begun to approach my health and fitness goals. I am doing it one step at a time and letting the results come as they will. It’s most important for me to take this approach with my health and wellness. If I don’t I’m afraid I won’t stay with it and will give up. My health has been something that I have neglected for far too long. It had come time to face those facts and do something proactive about it. I was overweight and suffered from high blood pressure as well as a lot of fatigue. I went to my doctor to get a recommendation for a body wellness center. That was an important first step. My health was in a state that just dieting was not going to do the trick. I had to have the workout program component as well. At the body wellness center, I was given a comprehensive workout program that kept me motivated and not overwhelmed. While we track my progress, it’s more important that I stay having fun because that is what keeps me coming back. I can already tell how much impact the nutritional counseling has made on my life. I feel a lot more energy. This allows me to maintain my commitment to my overall health and wellness goals.

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