I keep progressing at the gym and I love it

I found out that the local gym is so not what I remembered it to be.

This is what happens when you space out gym memberships over a few decades I guess.

In my youth, going to the local gym was more about being cool and fitting in with the weight lifting guys. I was certainly no muscle head so my motivation to get to that local gym was not the greatest. In fact, once that gym membership lapsed, my workout program became more about simply being active. However, over all these years there is now a need for me to get serious about my health and fitness needs. I wasn’t into pounding the pavement any longer and needed a comprehensive workout program. This got me to go through the doors at the local gym. But, I still thought I would be dealing with my image of the old local gym. My wife was the one to really push me to just give the health and fitness center a try. I was relieved to find certified fitness experts that helped to lay out a good plan to achieve my health and fitness goals. They gave me several workout plans accompanied with nutritional counseling. This gave me a firm platform from which I have continued to progress. Now, it’s hard to believe that I am in the same body. While I still have some of the aches and pains that come with aging, I have so much more. There is more energy and motivation to live an active, healthy lifestyle. I am so thankful for that push from my lovely wife.

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