Getting a whole new outlook with personal training

It made it easy to embrace a workout program.

Getting real about my health and fitness was way overdue. It’s amazing to me that a gym membership has become such a transformational tool. My health definitely took the biggest hit from the way I lived my life. Most of my time is focused on an intense job which includes a ton of stress. But, instead of going to a local gym to focus on my health and wellness, I went the other way. I allowed my appetites to get the better of me. My stress release was a weird sort of reward programming I had done on myself. This just really sunk my health and fitness. Actually, I totally gave up on any idea of exercise and diet. This led to a nearly serious health status that bordered on deadly. The doctor simply insisted that I start at a body wellness center he recommended. I resisted but was met with a stony silence from my wife that proved to me all the motivation I needed. That first step to go into that body wellness center was a big one. I’m not afraid to admit that. In fact, I sat in my car for nearly an hour before I finally went in. But once I got started, there was so much support from the certified fitness experts and the nutritional counseling. It made it easy to embrace a workout program. And I even found going to the gym to be a bit of fun once I found out that I was not the only one with my health concerns. But, it was the personal physical training that really put me over the top. I have seen real progress and that has the added effect of motivating me to continue with my health and fitness changes.


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