Redefining health and fitness on a personal level

I guess I’m lucky when it comes to trying new things.

I have always been into giving something a try if it could benefit my life in some way.

Getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things is a very important part of my personal growth. I feel the same way about my health and fitness plans. It has become quite apparent that health and fitness are key to a fundamentally happy life. I think the data is there to prove this over and over again. My health and fitness has been sort of hit and miss here lately. I moved away from a local gym that I felt really comfortable with. This led to me delaying joining a local gym in my new city. Instead, I tried to take walks and generally be as active as possible. However, I really missed all that a health and fitness center had to offer my life. So, I ducked into one that was recommended by my corporate wellness program. I was so pleased to see so many varied workout programs from which to choose. The group exercise programs ended up with me meeting so many new people. In fact, much of my core group of friends comes from the local gym. I just love the in house yoga studio as well. It’s wonderful to find that center inside myself while also working toward health and fitness goals. There really is no substitute for a gym membership in my eyes. Health and fitness has really redefined how I actually approach my life.


Wellness and fitness

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