Getting the right workout in the right place

I’m really bad about reading the directions.

When I get into something, I have the tendency to just jump in with both feet.

This can lead to a lot of unnecessary trial and error. I just don’t tend to do well with asking for help on stuff. But with the help of our health and fitness center near me, that is all changing. Going to the gym has never been a strong suit of mine. And when I did go, I tended to just lurch around from machine to machine. I had no workout program or any sort of proper technique to speak of. Like always, I just went for it. However, now that I have a personal trainer, I get the guidance I need to properly achieve my health and fitness goals. And, I truly like getting the direction. My wife tells me she hopes this will spill into the other aspects of my life. However, she has seen some real change in me. Not only has the personal physical training and the nutritional counseling made a huge difference, there was another surprise. I have really gotten into yoga. I can hardly believe it myself. The certified fitness experts I was working with encouraged me to give it a try. The very first time I went to the yoga studio, I felt a calm I had not experienced before. Before long, this was my favorite part of my workout program. I am so pleased by all the support and help I have received at the health and fitness center. It has made all that trial and error a complete thing of the past.



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