The new system helps the swamp life

My backyard leads to a large freshwater river which causes some issues.

This river stretches for miles before it finally reaches the ocean.

The beach house is basically situated in a swamp essentially, so naturally every one of us have lots of snakes plus alligators to deal with. Some of our neighbors purposefully avoid buying small pets plus cats around here because of the danger with the alligators. Honestly, there are other things about this region that I personally dislike more than the dangerous wildlife. Aside from the silly high uneven temperatures obtained during June plus August, it’s also humid to the degree that the air feels so damn sticky when you’re outdoors. Many others like myself and others cannot manage to deal with this humidity when it gets indoors. Too many river dwellers are highly complacent with toxic mold in their houses, but not I. Not only do I run our cooling system 24/7, but I have been using a supplemental dehumidifier for years. Thankfully our little lavatory has a floor drain so I can run the drain hose from the back of the dehumidifier onto the sloped lavatory floor. The component plugs into the wall plus pulls out so many pints of water every day which makes a sizable difference on indoor humidity. But when our usual Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier told myself and others about a whole-beach house dehumidifier device that connects to our HVAC duct, I was intrigued. This amazing HVAC addition pulls moisture out of your indoor air as it recirculates through the heating plus cooling system that I normally use. This effectively turns our cooling system into a big central dehumidifier separate from additionally burning the electricity needed to cool the air simultaneously.


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