A cool house and no mildew thanks to HVAC

Clean house is like top three on my life priority list. That may sound a bit high but for me, it is just an essential part of life. I simply can’t operate or function at any level when things are in disarray. That means that my house really needs to be clean and stay clean. This isn’t the easiest thing to do when you work full time and have lots of other things going on as well. However, I have some automatic help when it comes to keeping my house clean. It sounds unusual but I rely on my HVAC to help make my home a clean, healthy place to live. Actually, we all rely on the HVAC to make our homes healthy and clean. But isn’t HVAC simply for heating and cooling the house? Indeed, that is perhaps the main function of anyone’s HVAC. But where I live, the cooling is the biggest function of the HVAC. However, whether or not that is the heat pump’s most important function is up for debate. This is because the heat pump is not only cooling my home. Sure that’s what is sets out to do when it starts up. The heat pump actually gets the cooling process going by removing warm air and exhausting it outside. However, as it does this, it is also removing a lot of moisture from the air as well. This means the humidity gets balanced inside the home. And this means that it is mitigating the growth of mold & mildew. Not only is the green stuff gross and requires extra cleaning, it’s also super unhealthy to breathe as well.


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