I used to suppose legitimately differently

Back when I was a dumb teenager, I used to suppose that people who did trade work like mechanics, plumbing, electrical work, and heating and cooling work weren’t legitimately smart.

I don’t guess where I got this system from, however I’m guessing it was from the media and television shows that I was watching while I was in that period of time.

I guess that a lot of our instructors in high university put a heavy emphasis on the importance of going to university, too. It always seemed like the kids who were in the technical classes weren’t considered to be serious students like the 1s in the university prep classes, and I don’t guess why that was. Of course, now that I’m older, I see that this sort of thinking is absolutely crazy… For instance, I guess multiple guys who work as Heating and A/C professionals and they are some of the smartest people that I know. One Heating and A/C repairman that I guess is in the middle of completing some other certification classes on new types of heating technology and another 1 is thinking about opening up his own commercial Heating and A/C supplier here in town. I guess that occasionally, people don’t suppose that trade workers are quite as smart as university professors, however truthfully, I don’t suppose that’s true at all. I would like to see a university professor try to do a heat pump installation or an a/c repair job. I guess it just depends on what you consider as the definition of smart! These days, I suppose I would like to be an Heating and A/C dealer than a university professor.

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