Needing my HVAC repaired

My little condo is heated as well as cooled by a packaged unit located outside as well as linked to a system of HVAC ductwork that feeds conditioned air to vents in the ceiling.

The idea is downright ancient.

Jenny and I bought the apartment several years ago as well as immediately observed how old and unlucky the age, size as well as appearance of the unit. The two of us doubted the idea had the tenacity to endure through a single Winter. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by its reliability as well as excellent performance. In our local area, the Winter weather isn’t all that extreme… Now as well as then the temps drop down into the upper thirties. At that point, the packaged unit struggles a bit. It will sporadically ice over. We’ve invested in a little electric gas furnace to help out. When In cooling mode, the idea has done a enjoyable job of handling the extreme heat as well as the excess humidity. Although it’s so noisy that it often startles me when it kicks in, it proves a tremendous amount of cooling. We’ve never called for professional maintenance. The two of us recognize there is nothing but dander, dust, debris as well as grime holding the components together… Just over this past Spring, the people I was with and I observed that although the idea was making its same old operational noises, there was virtually no air coming from the vents. I was sad about calling for repair. I was prepared for the worst, figuring the Heating as well as A/C corporation would insist that Jenny and I invest in a whole new system. When the professional took the unit apart, there was a fairly significant build up of leaves, twigs as well as dirt within the cabinet. He found a very small refrigerant leak. He said that replacing parts was impossible because of the age of the system. He recommended that he add refrigerant, charge it up as well as see how long it would last. Since then, the idea has been providing plenty of cool air. I’m hopeful it’s going to last me and Jenny another few years.

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