Saving up for a new central a/c

In our town, the summertime heat doesn’t last all that long.

We’re lucky if the people I was with and I get to have three months of nice weather, orange skies as well as sunshine.

For that brief period, the higher temps as well as humidity can make for an overheated, sticky as well as uncomfortable house environment. The two of us can get by with window A/Css as well as box fans, but I’d rather have a central cooling system. I’ve done all our homework on the subject, as well as there’s some really advanced cooling technology on the new market. This week’s AC units achieve up to 26 SEER ratings as well as offer energy saving features such as zone control, sophisticated dehumidification capability as well as flex-speed operations. I’d really like to be able to close the windows against the influx of bugs, pollen, dust, and exhaust fumes,,, as well as noise pollution. I guess the apartment would stay cleaner. Plus, the cooling unit would filter out airborne contaminants. I wouldn’t need to vacuum or dust as often, as well as the whole family would benefit from healthier air quality. I would love the ability to simply lower the climate control unit to cool down the entire house. I am convinced I’d sleep better at night. Alas, central a/c is rather luxurious. I’ve been saving up for the purchase price as well as cost of having an upgrade, but other things keep taking priority. Because of a problem with our transmission, I depleted our savings account for a down payment on a new car. I recently needed to replace the washing components as well as sizzling water heater. I’ve already had a local Heating as well as A/C corporation give a free estimate on a new I’ve considered getting a house improvement loan to cover the cost, even though I hate to make payments. However, while I’m saving up the money, I’m also residing without a/c.


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