My son’s treadmill and swimming pool are like a spa treatment

Every July, my son and his wife head off on a ten-day getaway for their anniversary.

  • I volunteer to stay at their home and watch over things.

I take care of the dog. I enjoy it. My son and his wife have a gorgeous home and property. I get to take advantage of all sorts of modern amenities. Their kitchen is huge and features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and all the latest gadgets. The living room offers a big television, especially comfortable leather furniture and surround sound. I appreciate the water pressure in the shower. I look at my stay at their home as my vacation. It’s like a trip to a spa. I have very little to do besides reading, tanning, eating and working out. They have a modern treadmill that doesn’t need electricity to operate. The treadmill features a curved track that is powered through the strides of the runner. The advantage is that I can adjust speed instantly. The treadmill is quiet and smooth, and I benefit from a great workout. I often run for a straight hour while listening to music. After I’m drenched with sweat, I step outside and swim in the inground pool. Sometimes, I swim laps. Other times, I tread water for half an hour. I enjoy doing water aerobics. I carry my speakers outside so I have music. It’s such a luxury to cool off in the water. I enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the view of their gardens. Once I’ve finished my workout, I stretch out on a sun chair and relax. I am also quite careful about the food I eat while I’m staying at my son’s house. Since I’m only preparing meals for myself, I can eat especially healthy. By the end of the trip, I’ve usually lost some weight. I feel fit and totally refreshed.


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