Traveling for work and staying fit and healthy

I often need to travel for work.

I feel as if I spend more time at a hotel than at home. When I initially started making these work trips, I’d end up fatigued and sore. I deal with unpleasant digestive issues and headaches. I suffered from acne and weight gain. I came to the conclusion that I was to blame for not taking proper care of myself. When I’m at home, I’m conscientious about my nutrition and strict about daily exercise. While traveling, I was dining at restaurants, drinking coffee to stay alert and neglecting my workouts. I got determined to be more proactive. I joined a fitness center that is a national chain. It includes locations all across the country. When I have an upcoming work trip, I check for a fitness center in close proximity. I typically can find a location within driving distance. My membership lets me workout at any of the locations. I can access the gym at any time, day or night. Now and then, the hotel I’m staying at will include a workout area. There’s normally nothing but a single treadmill, stationary bike and a couple free weights. That’s enough for me to burn sufficient calories and manage a good sweat. I also bring a jump rope, resistance bands and a portable yoga mat along in my suitcase. I can normally find sufficient space to manage some type of strenuous workout. I make sure to include a thorough stretch because my muscles will tighten due to the stress of travel. I pack some granola bars, apples, grapes, baby carrots, celery and healthy snacks in my bag. After I reach my destination, I try to stop at a grocery store so I can buy bottled water. By making more of an effort to eat healthy and workout every day, I have solved many of the drawbacks of traveling so often.

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