We were surprised when the power went out at the hotel

I care about getting in my car and going on road trips.

If I have a long weekend, I will fill up the gas tank and start driving.

I don’t mind travelling alone, however I care about it better when my best associate goes with me. The two of us have so much more fun when every one of us are together. Every once in a while, she will tell me to take the next left or right regardless of whether or not every one of us knows where it would take us. The two of us normally end up at some quaint hotel where every one of us spends the night, and then I find our way home the next day. Several times every one of us found carnivals, parks, or zoos to visit, and that was always a plus. The two of us seldom had a snag, except for when the a/c in our car died. It was tepid and humid and every one of us were stuck in the middle of nowhere without a/c. The two of us drove until every one of us got to the neighborhood where they had a service station that could work on a/c units. The two of us then found a hotel in case it took them overnight to get my car into the service station. The two of us thought that the car’s a/c would be the worst of what happened, but a storm went through the area. It blew out the power and every one of us had absolutely no a/c in the hotel. They had emergency lights, but no a/c. Most people left the hotel, but every one of us had to stay because of our car. The two of us were absolutely glad every one of us had a pool at the hotel. The two of us slept on the lounge chairs and had a bit of cool air.
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