I missed the sale on the smart window A/C units because I waited to ask my wife about it

The other day when I was shopping online, I saw these smart window A/C units that were on sale.

I had never seen smart window A/C units before. They basically are built with a smart thermostat that can be controlled via an app on your smart devices. They also are incredibly energy efficient and much nicer than old school window A/C units. While looking at these units, I honestly was tempted to just buy one. I always wanted to have more air conditioning when trying to sleep in my room at night. I told my wife this a long time ago hoping she would get me a nice window A/C unit for our bedroom for my birthday, but she never did that. I knew my wife wouldn’t want me to just impulse buy a new cooling unit, but it was on sale! Well, I ended up waiting and then I showed my wife the window A/C unit that was on sale. She seemed to be agitated but told me to just get it. She didn’t want to talk about anything, and so I went to purchase the smart window A/C unit. Unfortunately, when I got around to buying the thing, it was already out of stock. It was so disappointing. If I would have just purchased the thing before when I knew how bad I wanted it, I could have got it for the low price they were asking for. Now if I get a window A/C unit, it might not be a smart one with the fancy smart application for controlling the temperature control settings. I guess I’ll just have to go looking for other window A/C units that are for sale.


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