The AC technician helped us find different places we were losing heat in our home

Last winter was quite eventful.

Our brother had come home from the army, and my mom was over the moon.

We were not ready for this news and so had to get his room ready in a hurry. Plans were underway to invite lots of people over to the house to celebrate his safe return. Our relatives and friends were going to come so we had to make a few repairs. One issue mom was facing was multiple cold spots in the house. She had called an HVAC mechanic to check the unit the week before. But there was no problem with the air conditioner in the house. But their issue with cold spots kept persisting, and it was becoming quite annoying. My brother told mom to call the HVAC mechanic back to the house and explain the issue again. This time, my brother was there to help her get the message across to the AC expert. The AC expert told us there must be places where the warm air was escaping. Doing a thorough inspection of the house would help to narrow down these different places. The AC expert began conducting the inspection and made some startling finds in the house. Part of the AC vents was damaged, causing air leaks. This was why certain spots in the house were not getting ample warm air from the AC unit. Another issue was the windows in the house. The windows had gaps which were also responsible for air leaks. Even cranking up the AC system was not working because the air could still escape from the house. Another issue was dirty air vents which had a blockage. The solution for this was to schedule a dull duct cleaning as soon as possible. Mom was happy with the results, and we took care of these issues before the guests arrived.

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