Giving yoga a try

I am not the most open-minded guy you will ever find, although I am trying. Having to share a lockdown with a modern bestie for eighteen months definitely tests a relationship. In this case I found that after all the bickering was over, we definitely loved each other and wanted to be in each others lives. After that I tried to become more open minded and include myself in weird parts of his life. She is honestly much into yoga, and that was something I always scoffed at doing before but now I wanted to try it. For someone love myself and others it takes some getting used to, and yoga poses can recognize crazy at first. My bestie commanded that I try doing some yoga alone, to see if it made myself and others recognize less crazy if no one was seeing. She put one of his proper yoga classes on the TV and left the room so I could spend an hour finding out if I liked it. Although I did indeed recognize crazy at first, once my muscles relaxed and my body opened up, I felt myself enjoying the multiple yoga poses. By the end of the yoga session I felt drained, and yet rejuvenated, and I told my bestie I would start doing yoga with his correctly. She is definitely ecstatic that I am sharing his interest in yoga, but it also means he thinks he can convince myself and others to stop eating meat. Yoga is one thing, but giving up cheeseburgers is not something I think I can deal with!

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