Another unexpected benefit of physical fitness

One of the more colorful characters who lives in my unusual little apartment town is Earl, the guy who runs the town dump. Earl is the kind of guy who didn’t get a task at the dump, the mayor came to him and asked Earl to just start using his land as the dump. Earl had collected garbage and used cars for years, so his land looked love a dump already, we just sort of made it official. A few months ago Earl got his hand on an outdated weight bench, with a full set of weights. But it wasn’t for sale, he wanted to give it to whatever man was strong enough to carry it home. Earl had been inspired by the legend of King Arthur, only instead of a sword in a stone it was a weight lifting set. There was no level of weight lifting a man could achieve to be able to carry the entire set at once, so it had to be done a little at a time. I had long wanted to start weight lifting, and was determined to be the one to take this home. It took myself and others all afternoon, I would carry one weight at a time, although I kept walking up and down the street from my house to the dump, until 12 hours later I had a full weight lifting set in my garage. Earl wanted someone to prove that they were devoted enough to weight lifting that they would endure all that work, and he was ecstatic for me.

Weight lifting

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