My AC wouldn't get cold no matter what I tried

I have an AC unit in my office and I am the only person with access to the machine.

  • When I was promoted to the head of sales, I was offered the office in the corner on the third floor.

My only request for the office was an AC unit of my own. The corner offices have two large windows and they are impossible to keep warm or cool. I knew summer would be the biggest hurdle to cross, so I told my boss that I would take the job if I could have an AC unit in my office. The boss contacted a company to install a ductless AC unit. The ductless AC unit is on the west side of the office and the air blows in the direction of my desk. Last week I had a ton of problems with the ductless AC unit. It would not get cold no matter what I tried. I tried resetting the Machine by turning it on and then off again. That did not help. I tried turning the AC unit from cool two off and then on again. That did not help either. I was beginning to lose faith that I would be able to solve the problem on my own. I contacted the office manager and I asked her to contact the maintenance shop. Unfortunately, the maintenance shop would not touch the ductless AC unit since it was installed by a professional company. The maintenance director told me to contact a professional repair service if I wanted the repairs done properly.

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