Covering the windows with blankets helped a little

During the summer months, it is very difficult to keep my house cool.

One of the reasons is due to all of the windows in my home.

I specifically bought this house because I loved all of the natural sunlight. The front of the house has Windows that face the street in every room. I also have a large sunroom that faces the backyard. The sunroom is covered with Windows instead of walls. During the summer months, the temperatures can reach as high as one hundred degrees. The humidity is a problem as well. It makes the warm air heavy and thick. Last year, my wife and I spent a fortune to cool the house. Our AC ran continuously without much break. We did our best to keep the house cool and comfortable. We found some online tips to help us cool the house. One of those tips was to cover all of the windows with blankets. If the blankets were thick and heavy, they would naturally block out a lot of the sun rays and Heat. My wife and I did not want to spend $600 on the electric bill, so we were willing to try just about anything. We gathered all of the extra blankets from the linen closets and the bedrooms and we started hanging blankets on the windows in the front of the house. Even though it looked horrible, the blankets helped the indoor temperatures. Without the extra sunlight coming into the house, the AC unit actually shut off a couple of times. Our bills were lower and the house was more comfortable.


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