Dehumidifier lessens demands on furnace

Living in an area with long and brutal winter weather causes a lot of work, expense and problems.

We deal with temperatures down to negative twenty-five and wind chills that are downright dangerous.

The snow adds up to approximately four feet and requires constant shoveling. One of the biggest concerns is a lack of humidity. Cold air tends to be especially dry. The overly dry air sucks moisture out of everything it comes in contact with, including hair, skin and home furnishings. Insufficient humidity can cause hardwood floors, doors, moldings, instruments and antiques to crack. Static shock can damage low voltage electronics. Dried out nasal passages increase the risk of respiratory infection and lengthen recovery time from illness. Sleeplessness, headaches, sore throat, sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes can be blamed on overly dry air. It also causes chapped lips and bloody noses. Symptoms of asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis are aggravated by dry air. Plus, when there isn’t enough moisture in the air, it feels colder. Raising the thermostat setting just makes it worse. There’s greater strain on the furnace and an increased risk of malfunction. I end up paying more expensive heating bills for a less comfortable home. ALthough I was initially reluctant to spend the money on the installation of a whole-house humidifier, it has proven worthwhile and cost-effective. I chose a steam-style humidifier to handle the square footage of my home. It introduces necessary moisture back into the air, improving air quality and comfort. I’ve been able to reduce the thermostat setting and lessen demands on the furnace.



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