Benefits of a geothermal heat pump

Although the investment into geothermal temperature control is much higher than a more conventional system, the monthly savings on utility bills pays for the added expense.

  • Most homeowners recover the higher initial investment within five years.

Today’s geothermal heat pumps offer a 400% efficiency rating. That means that for every one unit of energy the equipment requires to operate, it produces four units of energy. Rather than burn fossil fuels to create heat, a geothermal heat pump takes advantage of existing heat and simply moves it between the home and the ground. No matter the time of year or weather conditions, the underground temperature remains fairly constant. It provides a free and renewable source of energy. A geothermal configuration utilizes an underground loop system that absorbs heat. In the summer, the equipment literally reverses the flow of refrigerant and pulls heat out of the house to create a cooling effect. Avoiding the combustion process eliminates concerns over fumes, carbon monoxide and greenhouse gasses. Geothermal heat pumps are considered to be the most environmentally responsible choice by the Environmental Protection Agency. Plus, this type of system doesn’t dry out the air during the winter and helps to handle excess humidity in the summer. With the addition of a simple valve, the geothermal system produces a virtually free source of hot water. The operation of the heat pump is exceptionally clean, safe and quiet. Because the indoor unit is protected from the elements it can be expected to last upwards of twenty years with conscientious maintenance. The underground loop system is warrantied for 50 years but should last twice that.

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