A homeowner mistook me for a man during a geo heat pump installation

Everybody at work calls me Lee. I work for a construction company and I can operate any heavy machinery that is involved in the excavation. My team and I are also contracted by different companies, for instance, a home services company that deals with geo heat pump installation. In the last stages of the installation, when the owner of the home was actively involved he at one point approached me and asked me who Mr Lee was since he had a briefing with him and the HVAC tech. I just chuckled and told him that I was Lee and the expression on his face was one that I was used to but it always made me smile to see the shock. He went ahead to tell me that he had not met any lady who was an HVAC serviceman or taking part in the groundwork in the heating industry. He apologized for the misunderstanding and we went ahead to have our briefing. The heating dealer he had contracted was one of my favourites to work with because they were very professional and if it had to do with heating technology they knew how to handle it. Despite this, I never contacted them for either heating maintenance or heating repair simply because they preferred to deal with geothermal systems and not the usual furnace. I knew my way around the ductwork, digital thermostat and I even did duct sealing when I detected a leak but I left anything else related to heating equipment to the professionals. The homeowner was a bit concerned about the time frame we had given him because we had not yet laid the heating device but we assured him that we were on the right track.
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