A furnace malfunction at the office

It was getting hotter by the hour and given how chilly it was outside I was almost sure I was developing a fever.

A fellow workmate came to bring myself and others some documents and commented on how the temperature was rising by the hour.

The hour he said that I knew that I was not the problem so I headed to the digital control unit. I am not an Heating and A/C tech but I tried to reset it and unfortunately, after a few hours, the temperature started rising again. I was not sure if the repair team had called for help but I went ahead and called the heating company that normally did the heating repair at the office. They took their time because the Heating and A/C serviceman arrive around suppertime. After a thorough inspection of the furnace and HVAC duct, he found out that there was a leak in one of the ducts. He did the heating repair and duct sealing. After an hour the two of us were back to enjoying comfortable temperatures. That afternoon after toil I drove 2 hours to our parents to spend the weekend with them because I had not seen them for a while and I also wanted to see the much talked about heating technology they had opted to install. They were constantly giving myself and others updates on their geo heat pump installation. The apartment services supplier that was in charge of the installation had genuinely good reviews and I was sure they would do a good task. It was a good thing that the heating industry had come up with more sustainable and environmentally friendly heating technology. They had sent myself and others pictures during the whole process and I was blissful that I was not around when the excavation was taking site.

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