My tiny beach house was more comfortable.

When I chose to go housekeeping on our own, I did not want to live in an apartment, and I legitimately did not want to live in a large house, being a minimalist, I chose to buy a tiny house… My tiny beach house has all the things that are needed to make it home.

I have a smaller bathroom than what most would want, although I had a study room, study room, study room, and a study room. I even had a spare study room in our tiny house, since our tiny beach house was brand-new, our Heating and Air Conditioning idea was perfect. It was fun choosing the inside decor of our tiny home, and even being able to choose what kind of siding I wanted for the house, the windows, and even how large of a porch I wanted on our house. I got to choose the type of Heating and Air Conditioning idea I wanted in our house. I chose to have a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning, because it wouldn’t take up any wall space or unnecessary space in our house. When I decided to bring our bestie to our tiny house, the people I was with and I had been dating for a couple of months; She kept telling me how comfortable her beach house was, but if it was her Heating and Air Conditioning idea she was talking about, mine ran circles over his. My “bestie”hated our condo and our Heating and Air Conditioning system. She said she felt she was in a travel trailer, and just looking at the Heating and Air Conditioning units at the top of the wall made him uncomfortable, and needless to say, she isnot our bestie anymore. She may have hated our condo and Heating and Air Conditioning system, but to me I know it’s perfect, and so does our new fiancé.
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