Becoming a certified HVAC specialist

I had known for the longest time that I had wanted to work in the HVAC industry.

My father, his father, in addition to even my great grandfather were all HVAC professionals.

My father had taught me all about the trade. In addition, I knew for quite a long time that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I decided I would attend college to learn how to repair and install a/c and heating units so I could officially become certified. I first learned about heating systems and all of the benefits of each type of heating unit. In my own home we had a gas furnace, so when reading all about HVAC technology and the future of the heating and cooling industry I was already well familiarized with gas furnaces. Thankfully due to all of my experience, It didn’t take me very long to learn all of the basics. Four weeks later I had been hired for my first job at a real Heating and A/C corporation! On my first day I gave it my all and my coworkers were impressed I did so well for a newcomer. After working there for a little while I was sent out to a home to complete my first real repair job. A customer called in complaining that her oil furnace wasn’t working. I took a close look at her oil furnace in addition to the heating failure due to a temperature control malfunction. I did the repair job in addition to within the tenth she had heat again.


Heating tune up

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