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I have a huge mix of unusual birds that visit plus live in our yard quarterly. Whether it’s the brilliant red cardinals or the red jays plus goldfinches, I just appreciate seeing them eat through our window. I have a few unusual feeders that I hung to bring in some songbirds plus hummingbirds. After a few weeks of keeping the feeders perfectly stocked, birds from all over had come plus discovered the new feeding trough, so you could say. I appreciate the hummingbirds in certain, their wings flap so fast that all you can see is more or less just a blur. They’re simply fantastic creatures no matter how you look at it. When I first purchased the dove feeders, I didn’t recognize the best location to hang them outdoors. You want them in a location where the birds can find the food, but you also want to be careful not to install them in places where birds will naturally avoid. For example, I ran into this exact issue with our first dove feeder as I had put it too close to our Heating as well as the Air Conditioning condenser in the backyard. I didn’t recognize anything of it until multiple weeks had gone by and I still didn’t see any birds on the feeder while in sunshine hours. Not long after that I saw a dove approach the feeder plus then turn around plus fly away in an instant. At that moment I realized why the birds were avoiding our feeder. The fan for the condenser was working, and it tends to create both a huge amount of noise plus an immense column of air moving at high speed. The birds are simply spooked by the condenser as it runs, enough to avoid the area even while it is turned off. After moving the feeder to a better location, it was full of birds in a matter of a few days.


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