Air conditioner out in my vehicle

I realized that I haven’t driven my vehicle in multiple weeks, and i was out of the country and when I returned, I was quarantined at my house.

I was unable to leave the home unless it was to buy essential goods.

I had been laboring from home for several weeks before I decided to take my vehicle out to the beach… When I got in the car, I noticed that the a/c on the driver side was not blowing frigid air appreciate it should be. I had this happen before; The a/c in my vehicle always seems to chop right before summer time starts. I was so mad that this was happening. The a/c on the passenger side was laboring fine. I knew that I would have to replace the a/c in my vehicle this summer. I decided that I would start a savings fund for this now. The heat is not yet unbreakable, even though I knew that those weeks are right around the corner. I don’t like driving home from work and getting all hot. It is the worst feeling to get home from work and be in a awful mood because you are hot, and my woman agrees that this is the best idea! Last summer time when the a/c in my vehicle stopped laboring, the two of us were on a 6 seventh long drive and she was driving. The people I was with and I had to take turns in the A/C because the A/C on the passenger side was laboring just fine.

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