I had never heard of a washable air filter

The pandemic was a total surprise to the entire world.

It affected many people healthwise and financially.

No matter who you were, there was always a worry so many people opted to stay at home. I had worked at this restaurant in the city since I was in college. I stayed there because the owner was the best and we made quite a good amount in tips. However, he had to close the establishment when the entire country went into self-quarantine. Without a source of income, it was time to make a few changes and tighten the belt before I found a way forward. A few months after losing my job, I had to call an HVAC technician to come to my house. It was summer and time for the annual HVAC maintenance. Thankfully, I had paid for HVAC services in advance and was good for another 2 years. Otherwise, I wasn’t sure if I’d have afforded to hire her that day. The HVAC technician came one morning and got to work inspecting the HVAC unit in my home. We spoke a bit about different ways to save energy so that I don’t pay costly amounts. The lady commended me for keeping up with HVAC maintenance even though times were tough. She also told me about washable air filters. These were a better option than having to install new air filters in the HVAC unit each month. She had an example of a washable air filter which she replaced in my unit. Also, she gave me contact info for a local HVAC store who sold washable air filters at a good price.

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