HVAC companies suffered during the pandemic

Everyone suffered during the pandemic, including HVAC companies. I know that it must be difficult to think about others. I think that most people were concerned about their own families during the pandemic, and for good reason. There were a lot of people dying, and there were also a lot of people out of work. Life completely changed in a matter of weeks, and it took over a year before things began to go back to the way that they used to be. Due to all of this change, we forgot about local businesses that might have suffered, including the HVAC companies in your town. I am the owner of an HVAC company, and I nearly had to close my HVAC company due to the struggles that we went through. First of all, most people forgot that building supplies increased in price, meaning that people did not want to build homes. Part of our job as an HVAC company is to install new HVAC units in new homes, and with no homes being built, the HVAC company lost a significant portion of its income. HVAC technicians were also difficult to come by during the pandemic. HVAC technicians were constantly getting sick from being in contact with people, and the HVAC technicians didn’t want to wear masks. If only one HVAC technician got sick with the virus, we had to shut the entire HVAC company down for weeks, further lowering our profits. Thankfully, people still needed HVAC companies since HVAC units are always breaking down. Otherwise, we would have had to shut our doors.


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