Need to Pick up More Hours at the HVAC Company Job

I’ve decided that I am going to work a few more hours a week and keep on living by myself.

I have two cats as roommates and they keep me company and take away any of the loneliness I was feeling before I got them.

I think I can keep living in this flat by myself if I work a few more hours at the heating corp. It is actually a heating and cooling business but we mainly just sell heating equipment as the summers here are pretty mild and most people don’t use air conditioning. I moved to this town because the weather in my hometown in the states was getting too hot for me and I wanted to live in a more mild climate area. We have cold winters here and a lot of people use space heaters, namely radiant and gas heaters, as many of them live in very small flats and don’t need a central HVAC system to keep them warm. I think we had about three months last year where the temps were below freezing, I know because I was taking my daily cold dip in the sea and the cold water would sting my skin like boiling hot water. I stayed in too long on one of my dips and got hypothermia and had to have someone call an ambulance to come save me. After that scare I cut my immersion time down from 30 minutes to 15 minutes and I would come straight home to my radiant space heater to warm me up again.


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