I thought I bought a new furnace.

Last year, we bought a new furnace for the house. It was supposed to be a high efficiency, and more eco-friendly furnace. When we had our inspections done before winter this year, we got a surprise. The HVAC technician asked if we realized we had bought a refurbished furnace. I pulled out the paperwork from the sale, and I told him no, then handed the paperwork to him. He looked through the paperwork and checked the numbers that were on the furnace. He said someone had delivered the wrong furnace. Instead of sending us a new furnace, they sent us a refurbished one. The make was correct, as was the model, but there was a notation that ours was to be a brand-new furnace, whereas the sticker that was still on the furnace clearly stated it was refurbished. I was going to say something, but I knew I needed to ask my questions when I wasn’t angry, but just confused. He told me to call the HVAC company and ask why we had the wrong furnace. That afternoon, I finally got in touch with the HVAC company, and they put me through to the owner. He asked his secretary for their paperwork, and he told me it had to have been a mistake. No one in his company would have deliberately swapped them out. He said he would have someone order us a new furnace, and it would be delivered and installed at no cost to us. He apologized for the mishap, but I knew how easy it was for mistakes to happen.
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