The spice was hotter than the air from the furnace.

My husband likes spicy food, but I made him some curry the other night, that even he couldn’t eat.

I only followed the recipe I had, but I used the wrong peppers.

There is a lot of difference between chili peppers and ghost peppers. He took one bite, and his face turned red. He gasped for air, and I gave him a large glass of milk, which only made him vomit. He started fanning himself as sweat poured from his face and body. After he calmed down and could relax a bit, he said the heat that went through him was hotter than the air from the furnace when he had accidentally turned the thermostat up to ninety. The heat from the peppers was so intense, he didn’t even notice how cool it was getting int he house. I had turned the thermostat down to help him cool off, and I forgot to turn it back up. He thought there was a problem with the furnace and was getting ready to call the HVAC company. He had to walk into the living room to get his phone, where the temperature was fine. He looked at the thermostat in the kitchen and asked if I had turned it down. I told him I had when he was choking and sweating, but I thought I had turned it up. Not only had I turned it down, but I had punched the button to turn the heat off in that room. He turned the thermostat back up and asked if there was some way to cool the food off. The curry was good, but the spice was way too much for him.


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