Running the HVAC maintenance before mum’s ladies' meet-up

My friend’s mother was among the ladies visiting mum for the meeting

Mum usually hosts a group of ladies at the house every three months. The meeting is all about helping other unfortunate women in the community. They typically contribute money and other resources that can assist the other ladies. As mum prepared the house to host the ladies, she discovered a puddle of water near the HVAC unit. She monitored the incident, and it repeated itself for three days. She then called me up and reported the issue. I work with one of the HVAC brands in the city as an HVAC repairman. I planned myself and got to mum’s a few days before the event. After assessing the HVAC system, I ran a comprehensive HVAC maintenance which revealed a few issues. Some of the parts were worn out hence the leakage. An HVAC professional colleague and I fixed the leakage with new HVAC equipment we acquired from the local HVAC provider. I also replaced her thermostat with a smart one so she could change the temperatures on her smartphone without walking to where the regulator was. I was glad to provide help with indoor comfort to mum so she and her guests would enjoy quality comfort from her quality HVAC unit. Before returning to the HVAC business, I decided to visit my friends at the local business. I found him busy with a rather challenging HVAC installation. I gave him a hand, and we ate lunch at mum’s house. My friend’s mother was among the ladies visiting mum for the meeting. It felt good to be back home and help mum prepare the house for her guests. I left to go back to the city after three days. Mum called me after the women had left and said they all commented about the quality of comfort within the house.

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