He’s quite taken with the UV air purifier

Having a respiratory condition can be tough.

But at the same time, it could be so much worse for Stan. He’s lucky to live in a place where he can access medications to help him breathe better. And now that he’s added a whole apartment air purification unit, Stan’s breathing has improved significantly. When you come to terms with the fact that you have a certain condition, you just tend to manage it. Stan has been committed to not being overwhelmed by his situation by focusing too much on it. Sure, there are tough days and there are better days. Still, he feels silly that he wasn’t aware of air purification a lot sooner. Stan has just been relying on medications and looking after his fitness level. So, he felt somewhat stupid when it finally dawned on him that perhaps he should learn something about indoor air pollen levels. Stan began with the Heating & A/C business that he hires for the heating and cooling in his apartment. They were a wealth of information and knew all kinds of references when it came to indoor air pollen levels. They also introduced Stan to the whole apartment media air cleaner. He was certainly fond of this whole-home air purifier because it works with the Heating & A/C equipment. That means Stan does not have to move it around the apartment nor does he have to clean an air filter. Once he had the whole apartment air purification plan installed, the benefits to his breathing were astounding. Stan is so ecstatic to have this whole-home air purifier help improve his life by improving his respiratory health.



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