So many choices, so much money

My neighbors came home from the local cray show the other day very excited about some changes they were going to make me to their home.

This type of thing seems to happen every year and they are constantly upgrading one thing or another.

Last year they added on a sunroom to the back of their house and I have to admit that it is pretty cool. I sometimes wish that we were in a position to make upgrades all the time but it just isn’t in the cards right now. With student loans and both of us having entry level positions at work it will be a few years before we can make any major changes. For now, we are just hoping that everything around the house continues to work and we don’t have to do major repair bills. Anyway, one of the new upgrades that our neighbors are making is the replacement of their current HVAC system. When they added on the sunroom they did not include any sort of heating and cooling in that area because they felt they would only be using it during the warmer weather. They now want to be able to utilize the space year-round so thing have several HVAC companies coming out to get them estimates on some sort of unit to control that room individually. My neighbor said he doesn’t want to go to the expense and trouble of connecting into their existing HVAC system and he learned about several forms of technology that they could utilize in the new space. By installing something like a mini split unit that can hang on the wall they can keep the sunroom as a separate zone and only turn on the heat or air conditioning when needed. I will be talking to him more when the time comes and we can afford upgrades ourselves.


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