A frosty day at the beach

While on trip with friends my daughter caught a terrible cold.

I am sure that she feels it is due to the weather but I believe it is from too much partying and not enough sleep.

Her resistance was down and the virus caught hold of her. Anyway, I was anxious about another thing that happened on her trip as well. The chalet that they rented had checked out when I looked into the amenities. It was fully furnished, had a monitored security system and could sleep all the people comfortably. It even had Wi-Fi and cable. I felt that it was a great place for three young ladies to spend a couple of weeks at the beach before returning to school! Seeing as it was the end of Summer they didn’t expect for the night time temperatures to drop into the lower fifties. I knew that the chalet had a/c but I never thought to ask if it had heat as well. On the first night they were there I got a call from my daughter saying that they couldn’t find a way to turn on the heat. There wasn’t even a thermostat because the air conditioners in the place were all portable ones. I thought surely there must be some sort of heat installed so I called the owner. He said that the chalet was closed up after Labor Day and only reopened after Memorial Day. this meant that they never had any heat source installed because it was vacant during the colder months. I was shocked and told my daughter to go by a couple of electric heaters in the dining rooms. I can understand why they would not want to go the expense of installing heat but they should have supplied those for guest just in case.


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