Hotels and Heating and A/C Systems

Because these units are so cheap, the repair in them are very high.

I love travelling and seeing modern locales. This past summer time I went out west and explored the mountains and several historical monuments. I was in my glory taking pictures. The weather there was unpredictable. It would be warmer near lower elevation and then once we opted to go up to higher elevation it would be thirty degrees and snowing! It was weird but pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind visiting out west again and exploring more. However I would not stay at the same hotel again. The hotel that I stayed at was quite comfortable and their services were great! Unluckyly the air conditioning equipment in the room was so loud at night. There were some mornings where I couldn’t sleep because the noise was bothering me. I wanted to research as to why this certain equipment was so loud. According to my research it stated that the individual packaged equipment that is mounted near the window are one of the cheaper possibilities that hotels choose. Because these units are so cheap, the repair in them are very high. Almost all hotels, except for hotels with an actual Heating and A/C system, apartment PTAC’s (Portable Terminal Air Conditioner). Even though its cost efficient for hotels to go with a PTAC because it’s cheaper from the start, in the long run hotels will spend more money on repairing and replacing. If a Heating and A/C system is used some energy can be saved. The next time I book my room out west, I will ask the front desk what kind of air conditioning equipment that they use, and pay a bit extra to sleep better at night.

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