The old world estate style happens to be my favorite

I wrote an article not too long ago talking about how my favorite category of household is the old-world estate style.

  • Since I’m an interior designer, I easily shouldn’t have put it out there that my “favorite” category is the old-world estate household style, but it’s definitely the truth.

I absolutely adore the earthy tones, archways, clay tiles and custom leather furniture that the old-world estate category brings (as I mentioned in my previous article). For me, as a lady from an Italian family, the old-world estate is the glamorous homestyle of “the seasoned country”. If you’re somebody who is hoping to flip your household or redecorate in the old-world estate aesthetic, be warned. This category does not work in a modern household. The old-world estate category is one of the few home styles that requires the household’s architecture to match. There’s nothing worse than seeing a modern, cape cod category household with an old-world estate interior. Trust me, you do not want to do that. But, if your household has the bones for an old-world estate style, by all means make sure to have at least 2 key factors. The first thing you need is a clay stone roof. If you’re not willing to shell out the additional money for the clay tiles, then just stick with the rustic meets transitional category (this will accomplish the Tuscan beauty aesthetic without that clay stone need). If you are willing to go for the clay tile, make sure that your custom furniture matches the household. You will want custom leather sofas, custom leather chairs and you’ll want the leather to be a matching custom furniture set as well. I hope this article was able to help you!
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